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The Art and Magic of the Tarot: Foundations

Join author and tarot instructor Michael M. Hughes for an immersive, in-depth course in all aspects of tarot. Learn the history of these remarkable cards and discover a powerful, no memorization method of reading the cards for yourself and others.   

Here what students are saying about The Art and Magic of the Tarot: Foundations

Michael M. Hughes’ Tarot Foundations provides a rich and accessible combination of history, symbolic context, and practical instruction. Highly recommended for those interested in tarot as a useful tool or as a cultural artifact.

Matthew Porter

I took Michael’s Tarot Foundations class when I was looking for something new to try after a big transition in my life. I found the videos easy to follow and the information to be useful and well articulated. Immediately after I finished the course, I could read the cards. I’ve been enjoying and practicing my new skill ever since. I have a daily practice where I pull three cards for myself and use them to clarify my thoughts and I regularly read for friends and family. People have told me how helpful the readings are and some have used their readings as a call to action. I couldn’t be happier. This class checked all the boxes, Michael did a fantastic job putting the course together and I enjoyed every aspect of it. I highly recommend the program and hope you enjoy your new skills as much as I enjoy mine.

Beth Lawrence

Last year (2021) I took Michael’s online course. Being new to this, I wanted to learn all I could in order to understand the cards better and in such a way that I felt confident using them. Rather than trying to decipher what was in the little pamphlet included with my cards, I felt I needed more; and I got way more than I thought I would! I learned the history of the tarot, the myths surrounding it, and its truths. I found it so fascinating and insightful that I am looking forward to more classes by Michael. He is an incredible teacher: patient, informative, respectful, objective. I also felt his passion for his craft and that made it even more enjoyable for me. I would recommend Michael for any class he is teaching. It is well worth the investment!

Sue F., ArtiSun Soap Company

I really enjoyed the Foundations of Tarot class. I learn a lot about the history of Tarot through the ages as well as basic reading methods. Michael is a fun and astute teacher. Looking forward to the upcoming Art of Magical Living classes!

Mars Tokyo